River Publishers Series in Management Sciences and Engineering

  Series Editors:

J. Paulo Davim, University of Aveiro, Portugal
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Carolina Machado, University of Minho, Portugal
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Indexing: all books published in this series are submitted to the Web of Science Book Citation Index (BkCI), to SCOPUS, to CrossRef and to Google Scholar for evaluation and indexing

The "River Publishers Series in Management Sciences and Engineering" looks to publish high quality books on management sciences and engineering. Providing discussion and the exchange of information on principles, strategies, models, techniques, methodologies and applications of management sciences and engineering in the field of industry, commerce and services, it aims to communicate the latest developments and thinking on the management subject world-wide. It seeks to link management sciences and engineering disciplines to promote sustainable development, highlighting cultural and geographic diversity in studies of human resource management and engineering and uses that have a special impact on organizational communications, change processes and work practices, reflecting the diversity of societal and infrastructural conditions.

The main aim of this book series is to provide channel of communication to disseminate knowledge between academics/researchers and managers. This series can serve as a useful reference for academics, researchers, managers, engineers, andother professionals in related matters with management sciences and engineering.

Books published in the series include research monographs, edited volumes, handbooks and text books. The books provide professionals, researchers, educators, and advanced students in the field with an invaluable insight into the latest research and developments.

Topics covered in the series include, but are by no means restricted to the following:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Culture and Organisational Behaviour
  • Higher Education for Sustainability
  • SME Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy
  • Interdisciplinary Management
  • Management and Engineering Education
  • Knowledge Management
  • Operations Strategy and Planning
  • Sustainable Management and Engineering
  • Production and Industrial Engineering
  • Materials and Manufacturing Processes
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Interdisciplinary Engineering

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