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We are always on the lookout for new authors and innovative book titles.  If you have a book you would like us to consider publishing, please send an outline of the proposed book, an introduction, a sample chapter (if available), and an author bio. Please do not send original works, and retain a copy for your records.

Guidelines For Submission

Please provide the follow items for consideration:

  • Title of Book
  • Abstract
  • Chapter Outline
  • Sample Chapter
  • Author Biography
  • Email Book Submissions

    Send electronic copies for consideration to Our Aquisitions Manager, Linda Hutchings

    Email Submissions

    Do You Have a Journal Article of Interest?

    We are also always expanding our database of authors and articles for our industry leading journals. Energy Engineering is a bi-monthly publication and both Strategic Planning for Energy & the Environment and Distributed Generation & Alternative Energy Journal are quarterly publications.

    If you have a paper which covers a topic of interest to our readers simply follow the procedures below, or contact the journal editors with any questions you may have. Find complete guidelines here.

    Energy Engineering Journal
    Strategic Planning for Energy & the Environment
    Alternative Energy Journal

    We are interested in...

    • Innovative new energy technologies
    • Successful corporate energy management strategies
    • Onsite power generation
    • Green and renewable energy developments
    • Smart grid
    • Efficient HVAC and lighting technologies
    • Optimizing performance of motors and steam systems
    • Fuel cell and solar technology developments
    • Unique energy project case studies
    • Energy management best practices
    • Environmental management strategies
    • Energy project financing
    • New regulatory developments and compliance issues
    • Project strategic planning issues
    • Energy data
    Reference Books and Technical Journals for Professionals
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