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THE SMART GRID: Enabling Energy Efficiency and Demand Response
Clark Gellings

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The power system has often been cited as the greatest and most complex machine ever built, yet it is predominantly a mechanical system. However, technologies and intelligent systems are now available which can significantly enhance the overall functionality of power distribution, and make it ready to meet the needs the 21st century. This book explains in detail how sensors, communications technologies, computational ability, control, and feedback mechanisms can be effectively combined to create this new, continually adjusting "smart grid" system. You'll gain an understanding of both IntelliGridSM architecture and EnergyPortSM, as well as how the integration of intelligent systems can be effectively utilized toward achieving the goals of reliability, cost containment, energy efficiency in power production and delivery, and end-use energy efficiency.

ISBN: 0-88173-623-6
6 x 9, 301 pp., Illus., Hardcover


1 – What is the Smart Grid?
2 – Electric Energy Efficiency in Power Production & Delivery
3 – Electric End-Use Energy Efficiency
4 – Using a Smart Grid to Evolve the Perfect Power System
5 – DC Distribution & the Smart Grid
6 – The IntelliGridSM Architecture for the Smart Grid
7 – The Smart Grid – Enabling Demand Response: The Dynamic Energy Systems Concept
8 – The EnergyPortSM as Part of the Smart Grid
9 – Policies & Programs to Encourage End-Use Energy Efficiency
10 – Market Implementation
11 – Efficient Electric End-Use Technology Alternatives
12 – Demand-Side Planning
13 – Demand-Side Evaluation
Appendix, Index

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