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Eric A. Woodroof, Ph.D.

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Meeting a need in the marketplace for information on both how to operate a sustainable facility and also on carbon reduction, this book will explore why green business is good business, as well as the practical strategies to green your operations in specific areas. Written with the goal of helping you get started right away, the author's approach is to showcase many of the profitable green ideas that businesses can implement quickly. Practical, economical tactics in the areas of water, cleaning, transportation, sustainable design, landscaping, recycling, solar, financing and marketing are examined in an engaging and easy to understand manner. These strategies are designed to allow you to increase your profits AND reduce your organization's environmental impact, from the board room to the boiler room. The book addresses carbon reduction terminology, monitoring and reporting, as well as carbon trading and offset strategies. Financing and "green" marketing will also be covered.
ISBN: 0-88173-607-4

6 x 9, 300 pp., Illus., Hardcover

Interview with the Author
Expanding Worldwide Interest in Energy & Carbon
Reduction Management in South Africa

AEE Energy Insight Podcast


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PART I: Opportunities to "Green" Your Business
1 – Easy Way to "Green" a Business
2 – Green Certification Checklist
3 – Energy Conservation & Audits
4 – How to Implement a Solar Photovoltaic Project
5 – Green Transportation
6 – Water Efficiency Measures
7 – Sustainable Development & Green Landscaping
8 – Recycling Guide
9 – Green Cleaning

PART II: Getting Projects Implemented
10 – Financing Projects & Avoiding Delays
11 – Get solar on Your Roof for Free: The Power Purchase Agreement
12 – Key Tips for Solar Projects from the Solar Energy Power Association
13 – How Green Projects Affect Stock Prices
14 – Overcoming the Barriers that Delay "Good" Projects


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