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Canadian Energy Efficiency Outlook: A National Effort for Tackling Climate Change  by Pierre Langlois and Geneviève Gauthier

Price $135.00 Illlustrated hardcover

Canadian Energy Efficiency Outlook: A National Effort for Tackling Climate Change



Energy Efficiency (EE) has been recognized since the early 1970s as the most relevant mechanism to optimize the way we meet our energy needs.  The rationale behind this book is to present where the Canadian EE sector stands today to all Canadian stakeholders and those interested around the world.  The Canadian Energy Efficiency Outlook aims to outline the different environments that support EE development in our highly diversified provinces and territories, as well as at the national level, and consequently allow the reader to better understand the complexities involved.  More globally, this book serves as an important reference for all interested parties on how Canada has variably innovated and developed mechanisms to achieve the goal of making this country more energy efficient.

Table of Contents

  • Federal, Provincial and Territorial Reviews
  • Federal Energy Sector
  • Alberta Energy Sector
  • British Columbia Energy Sector
  • Manitoba Energy Sector
  • New BrunswickEnergy Sector
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Energy Sector
  • Northwest Territories Energy Sector
  • Nova Scotia Energy Sector
  • Nunavut Energy Sector
  • Ontario Energy Sector
  • Prince Edward Island Energy Sector
  • Quebec. Energy Sector
  • Saskatchewan Energy Sector
  • YukonEnergy Sector
  • Best Practices and Case Studies
  • Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) 
  • Program Evaluation
  • Capacity Building and Training 
  • The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA)
  • EfficiencyOne: A Unique Implementation Model 
  • Retscreen: Clean Energy Management Software
  • The Atmospheric Fund

ISBN: 0-88173-783-6

Format: Illustrated hardcover | Size: 6 x 9 Inches | Pages: 330

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